Tara Tejarat Atlas  (TTATLAS) as a private joint stock company was established in order to meet the needs of the country in the foreign trading area and has begun its activity through employing capable management and skilled experts.
There is a capacity which has provided international trade capabilities as well as company power for supplying export services to customers and activity in this arena. This company intends to make and manage a wide and stable network of supply chains in Iran and worldwide by maximum flexibility along with advanced global standards in supplying productions and services, and develop the basis of successful international trade in food industry.

At TTATLAS, We are providing Building Materials, Petroleum, Petrochemical and Mineral and Renewable energy Products. TTATLAS is in international trade, serving niche markets with globally sourced commodities. Upholding our firm beliefs of Integrity, Relationship and Reliability, TTATLAS focuses on relationships with growers & Miners, which enables us to have greater control on purchase, handling of our products to deliver consistent quality to customers.
The company’s value-add services enable us to establish costs against future sales or purchase commitments, deliver attractive value to customers and advise on seasonal/marker trend based price changes and fluctuations in supply and demand.